Saturday, 29 December 2012

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Review - Japan

I had read about kakigori all over the internet before our trip to Disneyworld (I had done many searches, such as "top ten Disney snacks") and kakigori had consistently come up on posts and articles all over the web. Having never heard of it (and being a bit of a Japan fan) I had made a mental note to try this on our honeymoon and there was no better time than during our tour of Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. 

My sweet tooth had not been satisfied by the cannoli from Italy (see my previous blog post as to why) and so we stopped for a rainbow kakigori. 

Kakigori is shaved ice, flavoured with sweet syrups. It comes in tangerine, melon and cherry or a combination of all three - rainbow. Obviously, we opted for rainbow. 

I had expected a more snow like texture, which melted almost immediately on your tongue. I guess I should have realised that (a) that would be hard to make and (b) the syrup would just have melted the 'snow'. This was more like a hard slushy. The flavours were good - unique almost (particularly as everything else in the US, and actually, from Japan, is usually grape flavour!).

I shared this though, purely because it was a little too cold. We had a nice sit down on a bench and watched the two Epcot Cast Members for Japan bow and welcome every single person who passed by. They really made you smile as they never appeared to get fed up of their job (although surely, they were).

Now technically, the kakigori isn't really a Food and Wine Festival Review because it's at a permanent Japan kiosk, so I'd better throw in a review of the chicken sushi I had from the special stand.

I love the idea of sushi.. it's practical, tasty, healthy (usually) and cute ^_^

I don't, however, eat raw fish. In the past I have opted for meat or vegetable options when sampling, but these are generally fairly limited so I was pleased to see a chicken option at Epcot.

As you can see from the picture, there was a cute little nori handhold which made it easy to pick up and eat and (for a piece of sushi) it was a generous size. This was my second favourite snack of the whole day (second only to the beef from Argentina).

Review: Good texture with super sticky rice, easy to eat and extremely tasty. The creamy sauce (which I would suspect is more American than Japanese...) was also a nice addition.

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