Saturday, 8 December 2012

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Review - Mexico

Mexico has it's own pavilion with 4 permanent eateries/bars. I was pleased to see, however, that in addition to those it had it's own stand as part of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

I sampled the "Taco de CamerĂ³n", billed as "Crispy Shrimp with chipotle-lime mayo and cabbage, served on a flour tortilla". It also looks as though there is some guacamole from the photograph.

It's actually very hard to see the shrimp/prawns from my photo but if you look just under the lime at the top left of the picture, it's the slightly orange part. The prawns were breaded and deep fried. I don't know if there is a difference between shrimp in the USA and prawns that we use here, but it did have a slightly "fishier" taste than the deep friend prawns I'm used to.

The dish was surprisingly spicy - I presume this was from the mayonnaise, and it left a warmth in your mouth and on your lips after eating.

As you can see from the receipt, this snack cost $5.25. I felt it was actually quite insubstantial for that price (especially in comparison to the beef skewer I had just devoured) as most of the dish was cabbage.

Review: This was a nicely balanced morsel - warmth from the chilli alongside creamy mayonnaise and fresh lime juice. There was also a nice mixture of textures (I do like a bit of crunch) with the soft tortilla, the resistance of the cabbage and the crunch of the prawn coating. Overall a good dish, if a little messy to eat (I had to sit down and use both hands - not something I could eat whilst walking!).

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