Friday, 28 December 2012

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Review - Cheese

From the cheese stall at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, I plumped for the cheese fondue. This was a little pot of cheese dip and some bread (I would guess this was a sourdough bread). Unfortunately, it was at this point that I stopped taking photographs of my receipts (Doh!) and therefore, I have no idea how much this cost.

I know that most of this went in the bin.

I was expecting creamy, unctuous gloopy cheese. What I was got was hot wine with a smidgen of cheese in it.  Now, perhaps that's actually what cheese fondue is supposed to be like (I've never actually tried it before) but it's not how I would have invented it, if I was going to invent it.

The bread was nice (with little salt crystals on top) but once I'd eaten the bread with a little of the sauce on it, the rest of the cheese, sadly, went into the bin.

Review: Not to my taste but if you're a fan of hot wine - go for it!!

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