Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Preparations...

Well, as the world didn't end yesterday (21 December - sorry I didn't post!!) I now have an awful lot of Christmas preparation to do.

It started yesterday - I painted a picture for my mother in law's Christmas present (which I don't want to post a picture of for obvious reasons!!)

Today, I am making chocolate fudge cake. Nigella's chocolate fudge cake - the recipe for which can be found here. I made this for my brother's 20th birthday recently, and it was so popular that one has been requested for Christmas day and one for a family party later in the week.

Here is a picture of the original birthday cake:

I disagree with Nigella slightly and if you're going to make her recipe as set out on her website, cover the bottom of your oven in foil or something. The first time I made this it overflowed my cake tins - you either need slightly bigger cake tins or like me, make another cake. As I am making the recipe twice, I put a little of the mixture (perhaps a fifth or sixth of the entire mixture) in a separate cake tin and I will end up with two big cakes and a mini one (and hopefully a clean oven!). Because of this, I have also adjusted my cooking time to around 40 minutes.

Once the cakes are made I have the following tasks lined up:

Make chocolate shards. I'm making this up as I go along so I'll post a 'recipe'

Make cheese biscuits and cookies

Attempt to make marshmallows. I say attempt because last year I attempted to make Turkish Delight to give as gifts, and it failed miserably. I have a similar worry with the marshmallows for some reason!

Make gift bags to package my edible gifts..

It's a lot for 3 days but that's the plan!!!

I also plan to blog and post some of my other Christmas makes - some Christmas Cards (although it's too late to post them, you could make some to present gift vouchers in to show some extra thought) and my wrapping paper, which I'm very happy with.

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