Sunday, 20 January 2013

Special K Cracker Crisps Review

The Special K Cracker Crisps caught my eye in the supermarket the other day as they were on offer - 2 for one, or half price or something. I bought a box of the Sweet Chilli flavour and a box of the Sour Cream and Onion flavour instead of my usual Quavers or French Fries (both of which are 2pp per bag on the weight watchers plan). I weighed out 20g which was an equivalent 2pp and you will see it filled a small dessert bowl - I thought the amount of crisps for 2pp was pleasing. 

I have to say, however, I was a little disappointed (and I think the name is somewhat misleading!)... they're neither crackers (which to my mind would mean of a biscuit like texture) nor 'crisps'. They are a little like Velvet Crunch in texture - a whole lot of air and 'softer' than something like a quaver (I presume because they are made with tapioca starch). I'm not a fan, although I know a lot of people like this texture, in which case I think they'd be a good buy - for me it just feels a bit too fake in my mouth...

In terms of flavour, the sweet chilli definitely wins over the sour cream. I think they also come in salt and balsamic vinegar or something - I find balsamic vinegar crisps are never quite as nice as I hope, so I tend to avoid them.

The sweet chilli was nicely spicy, leaving a warmth in your mouth without being too hot. The sour cream were nice enough, but I doubt I'll ever finish the box.

I won't be buying them again simply as there are plenty of normal crisps (as in, not marketed as 'diet' food) which are similar in calories and much more satisfying.

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